What is Pointship?
Is Pointship secure?
Can I share my travel rewards on Pointship without becoming a member?
Who can use Pointship?
What are the advantages of Pointship?
How can I be a part of Pointship?
How can I share my miles/points and make some income?
Can I cancel or change a flight?
How long does it take to order a ticket?
How do I enter my miles and points in Pointship?
How can I pay for my orders?
Can I order international or domestic flight tickets?
What if my flight gets cancelled?
Which airlines can I order a ticket from?
Is Pointship only for airline loyalty programs?
What information is required when registering?
How can I remove my travel rewards from Pointship?
Do I have to pay to get my travel rewards listed on Pointship?
When will I get paid for the tickets I have issued?
Can the Reward Owner cancel or change my flight details? Is it secure to pay them in advance?
Can I save different passenger information to speed up ticket issuance?
How can I withdraw my money from Pointship?
What do "Pending Income", "Available Balance" and "Withdraw in Progress" mean?
How can I inform my friends about Pointship?
What languages are available on the app?
How do I make an income from my travel rewards on Pointship?
How do I save while ordering a flight via Pointship?
Can my orders be rejected?
Can I get a round-trip ticket issued?
I can’t see any results after I search for my flight, how is that possible?
What if I don’t know the miles/points and the tax amount for my ticket?
How can I cancel my Pointship account/membership?